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Augustmuni is a beautiful town and a spiritual place situated on the banks of river Mandakini. There is also a temple of sage Agastya here, where people from all over the country and abroad come to visit every year. Here vehicles are available for every place, if you are planning for a Kedarnath yatra booking or Chardham yatra booking, then you can take a vehicle from Agastyamuni and go. Agastyamuni is the best place for any traveler who wants to get closer to spirituality.

This place is also considered the penance place of sage Agastya. Even this place is mentioned in the Puranas and also in the holy book named Kedarkhand. From the areas near Agastyamuni, there is a beautiful view of part of the Himalayas and the peak called Chaukhamba. There are beautiful views from here. Agastyamuni has a huge ground where summer and winter sports are organized yearly, and a grand fair called MandakiniSharadotsav is also organized.

Here you will see different colors of nature which are very beautiful. Every festival is celebrated here with great joy and enthusiasm. Here at every festival, one can see the warmth from young to old people. Here everyone works together by sharing, which makes this place very beautiful.

According to belief, many years ago, the priest of the Augustmuni temple died, which stopped the worship. At the same time, two men from the South who had come on a pilgrimage to Uttarakhand came to visit the temple after coming to know about the temple of Agastya Rishi. The local people forbade them not to go inside the temple, worship is closed and the one who is going inside is going to die. He said that Agastya Rishi is our deity, and we will have darshan (Agastya Rishi’s ashram is also in the south). He went inside and visited and nothing happened to him, so the local people requested him to take care of the worship system in the temple. He became a priest there, started living on top of the mountain, and established a village named Benji. Since then there are priests (abbots) from the village of Benji in the Augustmuni temple.

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