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Chorabari Lake


Chorabari Lake is a beautiful lake situated above Kedarnath in the lap of the Himalayas and is a part of the Mandakini River System. This lake is also known as Gandhi Sarovar. It is situated at an altitude of about 3900 meters above sea level. This lake is also famous because scientists from different countries have researched it and tried to find out its many secrets.

This lake is situated in the upper area of Kedarnath temple in the Ukhimath block of Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state. It is believed that the main reason for the Kedarnath disaster in 2013 was the rupture of this lake.

The name of this lake was read as Gandhi Sarovar because after the death of Mahatma Gandhi when he was burnt, the ashes left were immersed in this lake. And not only this, even today people who come to visit Kedarnath temple do trekking for this lake as well.

It is a matter of June 2013, when the monsoon rains had started in Uttarakhand, the rains were wreaking havoc in the Kedarnath area. It is said that on that day there was heavy rain over the lake and an avalanche also occurred there and the glacier broke and fell into the lake, due to which Kedarnath had to face a terrible disaster. Many people also say that after the disaster, when the lake broke, then it could not become a lake again due to heavy wear and tear.

People who have visited the lake and seen the lake closely say that the lake used to look so beautiful amidst the high mountains that it would be difficult to imagine that scene. The lake was very beautiful and supernatural. The water of the lake was absolutely clear and clean and beautiful.

Whenever there is talk of KedarnathDham, people also talk about Chaurabari Lake, and people used to visit this lake before the disaster.

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